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Hurricane Lures Australia was started by Peter Nord (Nordy) and grew from his love of fishing for Bream.

For many hours and years Nordy has been fishing for Bream. Now normally three days, every week of the year. From a bait fisherman all those years ago in the 70's where Nordy would spend most of his Saturday collecting his own live bait in the estuarys to fish with on the Sunday, Then also fishing the local Tournament scene in Gippsland at the Nicholson River Fishing club for many many years. To now a mad keen ABT lure fisherman where a live bait never again touches his fingers.

Nordy has spent countless hours with his passion chasing Bream, this knowledge and time is now getting put into Hurricane Lures. You can be assured if you know Nordy, every Lure has been tested and dialled in to Smack Aussie Bream. If Bream will SMACKEM! you can also rest assured that all the other estuary fish will Smackem too.



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